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Linda Blanchard
Linda Blanchard founded the Skeptical Buddhists’ Sangha in Second Life (SL)  in 2007 to get her questions about Buddhism answered, and there discovered friends and community, along with a better understanding of the dharma. She is currently, very slowly, learning Pali, the language of the oldest Buddhist literature.

Dana Nourie

Dana Nourie


Dana Nourie has been practicing Buddhism for about 9 years. She started with a DVD course on Tibetan Mahayana Buddhism, then took a two year course in person through the Gyalwa Gyatso Center. Uncomfortable with many of the beliefs and rituals in this tradition, she then studied Theravada Buddhism, taking classes, and doing retreats through the Insight Meditation South Bay with teacher Shaila Catherine. In 2007, she joined the Skeptical Buddhist group in Second Life, and settled into Secular Buddhism. Now, if Dana must label herself for communicating with others, she calls herself an Atheist who practices secular Buddhism. She maintains her own blogs Cosmicpathway and Virtual Living: The Second Life.

Ted Meissner

Ted Meissner, a.k.a. The Secular Buddhist, has been studying and practicing since the mid-90’s.  His experience is with the Soto Zen and Theravadin traditions, including meditation retreats, sutta, and Pali study.

He is also active in skepticism, and applies critical thinking to his meditation and study of Buddhism.  These complementary threads of thought have led to the creation of The Secular Buddhist podcast, which has grown into a burgeoning community of practitioners and fellow travelers along the dhamma path.

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  1. Aug 14 2011

    Thank you; I enjoyed it. It is a whole new kind of ‘dharma talk’.

    I am fairly familiar with a great many of the topics covered herein, although this was deeper than I ever waded for such a long conversation (and I thank you for that too). It is certainly worthwhile, although I imagine that for most of us it is somewhat difficult to follow the physics discussions.

    It would have helped if the three people had each resolved ahead of time to speak ‘one at a time’. Layering one voice over another can work in intimate conversations (two or three people) but in dense subjects such as this or for formal (podcast) listening, it never comes across as perfectly intelligible. Just on the level of sound production it could have been better.

    • Aug 14 2011

      Hi, renzob, thanks for the comment! I’ve wanted to do an episode like this for quite some time, and the circumstances happened to present themselves at TAM.

      And I agree, sorry about our occassionally talking over one another. Our story is that it was late at night after a very long day, and we’re sticking with it!


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